PREMIERE: Truitt reminisce on past bonds with danceable new single, “Touch”


Late last month, we shared the video for “Throne,” a catchy pop jam from Nashville sibling duo Truitt. That single, which served as our personal introduction to the band, is being followed up with “Touch,” which we have the honor of premiering today. While “Throne” was primarily led by 17-year-old Truitt sister Brigetta in the vocal department, “Touch” flips the script and has 22-year-old Brett taking the lead. With tremendous catchiness between its vocal hooks and dance-inducing beats, “Touch” is a perfect candidate for your upbeat, summer playlists.

When asked about the ideas that led to the creation of their newest single, the duo shared:

“When writing ‘Touch,’ we were reminiscing on past relationships that we never got full closure on. We realized there were people in our lives that we had connected and spent time with, and slowly without cause, lost contact with. You hang onto to those relationships because, in a way, they never ended. Revisiting those emotions inspired the song.”

Stream “Touch” below and let us know what you think in the comments. You can follow Truitt on Facebook and Twitter to witness their inevitable rise in real time.

Now, if you haven’t, you should head to Truitt’s Soundcloud to stream their recent cover of Justin Timberlake’s “My Love.” You won’t regret it.