PREMIERE: Suppy Dudes provide sprightly pop-punk on new full-length, ‘Josie’

suppy dudes

Dayton, Ohio pop-punk quartet Suppy Dudes—self-proclaimed as “four bros playing shitty music about getting their ass[es] kicked and sucking at most things”—do exactly that with their brand new full-length record, Josie, to be released through Luxor Records this Friday, July 29.

Josie is packed with massive pop-punk hooks and youthful exuberance that could be likened to something along the lines of Fenix TX and A Day To Remember fusing into a much younger band with lyrics about cute girls and shredding gnar. It’s catchy, invigorating, and just a tad immature—but in a blink-182 show circa 2001 with giant, flaming ‘FUCK’ signs kind of way. Listen through the album below and let us know your thoughts.