PREMIERE: Nerve Clinic channels the best of mid-aughts rock on ‘Feel Better’

nerve clinic
Photo credit: Big American Story

Chase Griffis, vocalist of SLC rock band Heartless Breakers, creates music in a solo capacity under the moniker Nerve Clinic. Today, we have the pleasure of premiering his newest EP, a five-track effort titled Feel Better, which succeeds last year’s similarly titled Fail Better.

Set to release on July 29 through Ronald Records, Feel Better calls to mind the early to mid 2000s era of pop rock/punk/emo acts like Jimmy Eat World, Relient K, and Fall Out Boy—which is to say that it’s energetic, wildly catchy, and comfortably familiar. Still, though, Griffis takes these presumed influences, does them justice, and adds his own passionate twist to what they’ve pioneered before him.

When talking to Substream about his musical mission statement, so to speak, Griffis explained:

“Every record I’ll ever write is about experience—no fairy tales, themes, or far-fetched, unrealistic concepts. I love hearing myself age and grow through music. Art is the only way I can tell my story, and that’s exactly what this record is about.”

Feel Better is available for pre-order both digitally and on limited cassette (40 copies) through Ronald Records. Stream the EP in full below then go pick up a copy or five for you and your friends to enjoy.