PREMIERE: JPNSGRLS transcend genre boundaries with ‘Divorce’


Vancouver, BC four-piece JPNSGRLS will be releasing their newest full-length effort, titled Divorce, this Friday, July 22 through Light Organ Records. Serving as the follow-up to 2014’s Circulation, Divorce offers a wholly refreshing take on indie rock that traverses several areas of the genre and its adjacent variations. Throughout its 11-track, 30-plus minute runtime, the newest from JPNSGRLS brings to mind acts like Rozwell Kid, Diarrhea Planet, Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, RX Bandits, Dinosaur Jr, and more, but all with its own distinct twists, turns, and thrills. It’s catchy, structurally innovative, and sonically invigorating, with riffs riding riffs to victory, sure to accept its trophies atop ‘best of 2016’ podiums aplenty.

Speaking candidly on what fueled the creation of Divorce, vocalist/songwriter Charlie Kerr shares:

“The inspiration for this album came often from my paranoid, self-hating daydreams. I admit the characters in the songs are based on real people, but they are idealized and romanticized. In certain cases, I may have even crafted full-blown identities of who I wanted them to be or how I saw them with my blinders on. It’s a scary thing for me to articulate—it was a scary record to write—but I took a lot of time writing it.”

Pre-orders for Divorce are still available through iTunes. Have a listen through the album below and then pick up a copy for yourself.

If you’re in the Vancouver area this Friday, celebrate the release of Divorce with JPNSGRLS, Little Destroyer, and Bad Animal at Fox Cabaret (details).