PREMIERE: Desires prove their rock prowess with “Crux”


Blame it on an oversaturated marketplace and the need to differentiate from the competition, but thus far 2016 has been ripe with young talent doing their best to stand out from their peers. This is different from recent years past, where up-and-coming talent would do their best to spin a sound or idea that has worked for a far larger artist or group in hopes of riding the trend bandwagon for as long as possible. That approach certainly still works for certain performers who will not be named (or highlighted) on this site, but the likelihood of those artists finding any sense of longevity in this business is incredibly low. If you want to make a career out of music today you have to be unique from day one, and that is exactly what Michigan rock band Desires has been doing since their inception in 2015.

Today we are proud to host the world premiere of Desires’ new single, “Crux.” The song is taken from the band’s upcoming debut EP for Third String Records, which is now available for pre-order (bundles are here, $2.99 digital download is here). The song tackles the feeling of heartbreak and the decision we must all make in time to move on and live our lives with the added knowledge of everything we have experienced in the past. You cannot go back—none of us can—but some refuse to move on. That is not what the members of Desires wish for themselves or anyone else, and “Crux” serves as an anthem for those who might need a reminder of just how strong they can be when they choose to stand on their own two feet.

The video for “Crux” finds the members of Desires performing in what appears to be the remnants of an abandoned town or old west-themed amusement park. The camera moves swiftly in between the band members, capturing the most intense moments in glorious HD, and by the time it’s over it’s hard to believe anyone could walk away from their viewing experience not feeling a longing for more material from the group. Check it out:

We expect big things from Desires this year. If you have yet to do so, click here and ‘Like’ the band on Facebook.