I think it’s a safe bet when you’re going to a concert and the opener is Andrew McMahon that you’re in for an awesome night of music. Andrew came out to an already packed BB&T, which holds somewhere around 29,000 people. He’s come a long way since playing the local clubs over on the Philly side of the river with Something Corporate—and now 10 years later playing these kinds of venues and still making great music.


Next up was Panic! At The Disco, and you could tell everyone was super stoked for them to take the stage. It was immediately clear as Brendon Urie walked out that we were in for a great show. With his exciting stage presence and amazing voice, Urie and the rest of the band provide a performance you really can’t miss—and one you certainly can’t refrain from moving around to. Panic! played all their hits and had every fan there screaming the words to every song. The band closed with their hit, “Victorious,” and had everyone bouncing and singing along.


Finally, Weezer graced the stage. I’ve loved Weezer’s music since I was a teen; it changed my whole way of thinking and shaped me into loving the music I do alongside bands like Green Day and blink-182. I had somehow never seen Weezer live before, so tonight was special for sure. They came out and started with a song I admittedly didn’t know too well, but right after that came “Hash Pipe,” a huge hit from 15 years ago that got everyone into a frenzy as about one-hundred massive beach balls got put out into the crowd. This made taking pictures a bit rough to say the least. It’s a tad unnerving trying to protect your camera and lenses from flying projectiles, but it’s worth it when you’re front row for Weezer. It wasn’t long before the band played “My Name Is Jonas,” a personal favorite of mine, and everyone else, too, it seemed. You could barely hear Rivers Cuomo singing because of how loud the crowd was singing back his lyrics. Weezer ended with an obvious choice in “Buddy Holly” as huge confetti blasted into the crowd.


The show was seriously an incredible experience in all aspects. If you want to see three amazing bands that could individually headline their own tours at any given time, this is the one to go to. Don’t miss it if it’s coming near you.