You know when Nick Hexum comes out and plays the opening riff to “Beautiful Disaster” it’s gonna be a great show. So much energy was given the second 311 took the stage, and they got it right back from the crowd as everyone bounced and sang along to all their songs. It seemed like more of a throwback set, with the band performing a lot of early fan favorites from 1995’s 311 and 1997’s Transistor. Really though, even if you’re not a fan of the band, you can go to one of their shows, have a great time, and probably realize that you know 80 percent of the songs just from the mass amount of radio play and commercial use over the years.

With a prominent smell of weed in the air, 311 played into the night for what seemed to be a two-hour set, making it a night no attendee will soon forget, and maybe the last time the band will ever play at Festival Pier since it’s rumored to be closing down.

View our gallery of images from 311’s stop in Philly on their Unity Tour below.