Microwave offer proof they’re the next big thing with “Lighterless”


If you somehow missed the hype surrounding Atlanta rock band Microwave‘s debut album, Stovall, then you better find time to familiarize yourself, and soon. The group, who signed with SideOneDummy Records last year, have just released the lead single off their full-length label debut, and as far as we are concerned it’s all the proof anyone should need to understand they are about to be the next big thing in alternative rock.

“Lighterless” found its way online early Wednesday morning following a midnight release via Spotify and Microwave’s personal Bandcamp page. The song features the same first person perspective storytelling that made Stovall an album people couldn’t put down, only now there are slightly more melodic elements to the band’s music that helps further emphasize the emotion inherent in vocalist Nathan Hardy. You can stream the song below:

Now we suspect many of you will need to stream the song two or three (dozen) times to fully appreciate the subtle heartache laced through every note, so please do not hesitate to click play again and again on the player above before you finish this post.

Microwave have been on a rocket-like ascent through the alternative underground for the better part of two years, and as we mentioned above the quality of “Lighterless” leaves us with the impression that their rise will not be slowing anytime soon. In a world where more and more bands are writing songs based on the simplest of emotions, groups like Microwave are making a strong argument for the need to dig deeper when mining one’s own soul for creative fodder. Listening to “Lighterless,” or any other song in the group’s discography for that matter, reminds listeners of just how moving truly original rock songs can be, and we cannot wait to hear what they come up with next.

SideOneDummy will release Microwave’s new album later this year. Stay tuned for additional album details and pre-order links in the days/weeks ahead.