Megan Nash may soon be your new favorite singer-songwriter

Megan Nash

If there is any feeling like the sudden rush of emotion that fills every inch of your body upon discovering a new artist that speaks to your soul I have yet to experience it. In all of my 29 years on this planet I have never found anything that comes close to replicating the feeling of knowing a song, album, or artist is about to change your life, and I don’t know if I could even find the words to express that feeling in detail. I suppose, like the love shared between two people it’s simply impossible to define, but you know it when you feel it, and I felt it the moment Canadian songstress Megan Nash entered my life.

Blending indie rock sensibilities with conviction and unabashed songwriting, Megan Nash is a sonic force unlike any other in today’s overcrowded music scene. Her songs are not afraid to detail pain and suffering with a personal touch, but she never fully relies on the pain she’s felt to help connect with listeners. Instead, Nash writes from a perspective that tells us all pain is actually quite good for us, if only because it teaches us where we are weak and helps us to not fall victim to the same mistakes twice. Her latest single, “Deer Head,” is a perfect example of this, and the song’s recently released video makes for a perfect distraction from the work day grind. Check it out:

Pretty great, right?

“Deer Head” is the latest single off Nash’s most recent album release, Song Harvest: Volume One, which is available now on iTunes. There are currently no U.S. tour dates on Nash’s official website, but our Canadian brothers and sisters have many opportunities to catch her live this fall. If you’re reading this now, please go and support Megan for us so she gains the recognition needed to stage a proper U.S. tour sometime in 2017.