Me Like Bees tour journal #3: “‘Pokémon GO’ became the glue that bound the tour together”

me like bees live

Missouri indie rock band Me Like Bees just wrapped up a tour with Never Shout Never and Hundred Handed. Throughout the run, the band reported in to Substream with journal entries and photos from their time on the road. Below is their final entry.

Dear Tour Journal,

Wow! The world sure has changed since my last entry! Our tour with Never Shout Never and Hundred Handed has come to a close, scientists have discovered land bridges that may have helped the dinosaurs travel across the world, and Pokémon GO has been unleashed on the masses! This app is taking the world by storm, and quickly became the glue that bound the tour together.

The day the app hit the market, we were in Amityville, New York. The whole town had a spooky vibe to it—probably because of the Amityville Horror House. There were quite a few pretty terrible things that happened there. If you would like to learn more just type Amityville Horror into Google and you’ll open a digital can full of knowledge.


Jake, NSN’s merch guy, Gino, and I walked from the venue to the house. It was spooky, but I felt worse for the people who lived there. There were tons of people (including us) taking pictures in front of their house. On the way back we found a dead bird on the sidewalk. It was an omen of things to come.

The show went off without a hitch until the last song. I have a tendency to raise my bass into the air. Unfortunately, this time the ceiling was too low. I broke the tuning machine of my bass off.

broken tuner

Then as we were loading out, there was a flash rainstorm that left us drenched. I went to three different music stores before I found anyone who even knew what I needed. Luckily, I stopped by Murphy’s Music Shop. They were amazing and helped me get my bass back in action (and potentially broke the Amityville curse).

When we made it back to the venue, we had learned that all of the bands had downloaded Pokémon GO, and had split into different teams. Hundred Handed was red (Team Valor), Never Shout was yellow (Team Instinct), and we were blue (Team Mystic). It turned out the venue was a gym, and Gino was the gym leader. This was the role he was born to play.

It didn’t matter what show, Gino was always the leader of the gym. If the gym wasn’t located at the venue, he and Jake would find them and he would dominate their world. His gym tyranny actually came in handy in Rhode Island. Our GPS was having trouble finding the venue. We drove around where the GPS said the venue was for 20 minutes, until Jake said, “Hey, there is a gym close by. I bet it’s the venue.” He gave us directions using Pokémon GO, and as we got close he said, “This is totally the venue, Gino already owns it.”


The next day, we set off for Connecticut. The van needed an oil change, and lucky for me the mechanic shop was by the beach! I decided to stop at a little diner next door and grab a bite to eat before we left for the show.


When we made it to the venue, we noticed many people walking around holding their phones and we instantly knew we were at a gym. The show was great, but something was off. Gino (the gym leader) and NSN’s tech, Rome, were standing by me the whole time taking pictures by my feet. It turns out a wild Pokémon was enjoying our music so much that it decided to jump on stage and dance with me!


After the show, we went to the bar next door and grabbed some food. The bartender told us about an old-fashioned bowling alley they had above the venue. They had tiny wooden balls and people who set the pins after each frame. I managed to pry Jake from his phone long enough to beat him in a game of skittles.


We had an off day around Baltimore, so Jake and I decided to rent a car and hit up the capital of these United States. I was taking a picture of the White House and noticed Jake was nowhere to be found! I looked everywhere and finally found him …on the hunt for more Pokémon. I made fun of him and he convinced me to take this picture of him and his future running mate.

pokemon pics

We made our way to the Smithsonian to see the dinosaurs! Out of all the fun stuff we did in D.C., this was my favorite.


As we made our way down south, we stopped with a friend in North Carolina and visited his new, aptly named puppy, Dixie. The farther south we went the less our air conditioner worked. We were well past the “dry heat” and got to experience the most humid few days of our lives. We would refill our A/C every couple of days just to try and ease some of the heat.

me like bees pics

When we made it to Georgia, we were very excited for the rain! Luckily, it stopped before we had to load in. After the show, Tim and I went to this amazing shopping center/apartment complex for ice cream and to explore. While we were out, somebody texted us and told us that the hardcore band Terror was playing next door to where we had played. It was awesome! We don’t see very many stage dives at our shows.

me like bees pics 2

That night, we made our way to New Orleans afterwards. Thankfully, we were able to cut the drive in half in Alabama and hang out with the NSN guys at this venue called The Satellite. They had beds for everyone, pizza, pool, and OutKast and Snoop Dogg on vinyl! It was such a great break!

me like bees pics 4

New Orleans was amazing! We met up with a couple guys from Hundred Handed and rode the street trolley (while hunting for Pokémon) throughout the town.


A few of us broke off from the group and found the spookier side of New Orleans. We explored some of the old cemeteries and voodoo shops. It was such a fun night!

me like bees pics 5

New Orleans actually ended up being our last show of the tour. Chris got sick the next day and needed to cancel the next two shows. While we were bummed to go home early, we had had such a great time out on the road with both bands and everyone who came out! Jake and Gino established Pokémon GO dominance and we all made new friends (both real and digital). It was such a great time! We cannot wait to hit the road again…next week.

new o

Nick Bynum (bass/vocals) signing off.

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