Me Like Bees tour journal #2: Ice cream, scooters, video games, fireworks, and puppies!

me like bees

Missouri indie rock band Me Like Bees recently kicked off a tour with Never Shout Never and Hundred Handed. Throughout the run, the band will be reporting in to Substream with journal entries and photos from their time on the road. Below is their second entry.

Dear Tour Journal,

Wow! It has been a little while since I’ve had a chance to write. This tour has been a wacky ride! We’ve seen and done so much in just a couple short weeks. Luke is busy recording a new song, so I will be writing the rest of the journal. This will be a long entry depicting our long journey. Good Luck!

When I last left you, we were just getting ready to play in Albuquerque, NM. That is where I was born and they certainly made me feel welcome again. We stopped at this amazing ice cream store called I Scream Ice Cream and met an old Motown drummer named Bill who ran it. It was great hearing his stories of the old industry and eating his great ice cream.


The show went off without a hitch and the crowd was wonderful.


We then stayed with an amazing couple named Al and E.J. They cooked us green chilies for breakfast. It was fantastic!


We then left for Colorado. We had a couple days off to rest and relax…and fix our broken air conditioner. We had just left Albuquerque when it died. Luckily it was a “dry” 105 degrees.


Since none of us know anything about cars, we took it to a mechanic in Longmont, where we were staying with some of Luke’s family. After we fixed the van, Jake and I decided to go see a movie. While we were waiting we stopped in a second hand sports store. As we were leaving, Jake spotted scooters for only $10! Can you believe that?! Of course, we picked those up. Now that we have wheels, the world is ours!


The show in Boulder was fantastic. Everyone there was just great. We played, ate sandwiches, and scooted around town before driving through the night back to the mighty Midwest.


We were pretty tired when we pulled into Luke’s in-laws’ house. After taking a nap, a shower, and watching The Notebook, we were ready to play again. [Tulsa] was one of my favorite shows of the tour. It was nice to see so many familiar faces. Since we were so close, we drove home to Joplin, MO and spent the night in our own beds! It warmed my heart to see my wife and puppy.


The next night was Springfield, MO where we were able to hang out with some of our friends and family after we played. It was a nice break from the grind.


Jake was so happy that his nose started bleeding.


We then headed to sweet Des Moines, IA where we were met with many surprises. Luckily we had Super Smash Brothers in the van to entertain us on the long drive.


We got to the venue only to find out it was down the street from the capitol building. I walked down to the building and found four cannons! They were ready for anything!


After we played, Tim, Jake and I went to eat tacos at Tacopocalypse. It was amazing! We then stumbled upon a bar that was under the venue. Only this was no ordinary bar; this was an arcade inside of a bar!


I felt bad for missing the other sets, but Tim and I were locked in a fierce Mario Kart battle. He won. He always wins.

That night, we stayed with Pete’s aunt in Le Claire, IA. We had stayed with them once before, four years ago. It was great seeing them again and reconnecting with their puppy, Blue. Tim even put together a photo montage of me and Blue playing from four years ago to compare with this year. We then made our way to Dekalb, IL.


We were bummed to hear that our buddies in Hundred Handed wouldn’t be able to play the show in Dekalb with us. The silver lining was that we got to play twice as long! Poor kids… Because of the extra time, we asked our merch buddy, Jake, to do a rap song with us. He nailed it! Which is no surprise—he has a rap project that is pretty amazing.


The crowd was great and didn’t seem to mind that we played for an hour.


The next day was a day off, kind of. We decided to drive up to Appleton, Wisconsin to play a show and visit some friends. We stayed with our friends Todd and Joe, who made us dinner and let us hang out on their porch.


The next day, Luke befriended a cat with the power of music.


It was off to Chicago next. We listened to Snoop Dogg’s new CD on the way. Talk about a banger! We made it in time for a fun interview where we were asked about throwing cold spaghetti at celebrities.


I chose Matt Leblanc for obvious reasons. Chicago is always a great city to play in! We love that place!


Lansing was next. We didn’t really take many pictures, but we had a blast! Since it was so close to the 4th of July, everything was closed. We got pizza with our booking agent, Brad. It was pretty great! After the show we hung out with the dudes in Never Shout Never and played this game called “Cee-lo.” Their tech, Rome, called it an “illegal gambling ring.” Taylor told him to shut his stupid mouth. We all had a good laugh at his expense.


We have had the last three days off to celebrate the 4th of July. We’re lucky that nobody has lost any fingers and that we have made some very great friends during these three days.


We hung out with the Never Shout boys on the 4th in Buffalo and saw a fireworks show at the canal.


It was packed and security was tight, which was good because there were a couple fistfights. I guess the battle for freedom is never truly over.


Despite the violence and some technical difficulties, the fireworks were great!


We have been staying just outside of Buffalo, NY in a town called Avon with the Sprinkle family. Jesse Sprinkle, the patriarch, owns a recording studio and used to drum in bands like Dead Poetic (a personal fav), Demon Hunter, and Poor Old Lu.


He and his family have been super inviting and welcoming. They even took us out for a campfire and fireworks night.

jesse sprinkle

He even invited us to cut a new track with him!


Even though we have been working on this new song, it has been a very relaxing couple of days off! We are putting the finishing touches on this song and getting ready for our show in Buffalo tonight. Pete is wearing a tank top today, so it’s bound to be a crazy day. Thanks for reading this! I’ll write one more entry at the end of tour to let you know what I have learned!

Nick Bynum (bass/vocals) signing off.

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