Return to the world of LEGO with ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ trailer

lego batman

The LEGO Movie was a delightful mega-hit that came out of nowhere back in 2014. Will Arnett’s Batman was a hilarious scene-stealer throughout, even if this iteration of the Dark Knight is more concerned with how great he is than totally cooperating. Luckily for Batman, he gets to shine in the trailer for his own Lego film, The LEGO Batman Movie.

The trailer introduces us to both Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) as the surrogate parent (read: babysitter) to Batman, and Robin (Michael Cena), the overenthusiastic sidekick. Both dynamics look to be heavily explored to great comedic effect. Batman yelling “Life doesn’t give you seatbelts” at Robin is hilarious in its own right, and even more so when Robin goes careening into the dashboard when the seatbelt-less Batmobile comes to a quick stop. The trailer oozes charm, and looks to capture the same magic that The LEGO Movie did two years ago.

The LEGO Batman Movie is being directed by Chris McKay (who edited The LEGO Movie) and stars Arnett, Fiennes, Cena, Rosario Dawson, Mariah Carey, and Zach Galifianakis. Look for it in February 2017, and watch the trailer below.