PREMIERE: King Shelter explore American nightlife on “Preoccupy”

King Shelter

Nothing beats a great night out, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t think there was anything wrong with nightlife culture. Whether it’s the overpriced drinks found at every bar in every city of any size, or the fact people in groups tend to find someone or some other group to mock in order to be entertained, a lot of what you find when exploring the streets after dark is actually quite appalling. The key to enjoying yourself and allowing others to do the same is found in keeping an eye on your moral compass regardless of what the night may bring. That is far easier said than done, of course, but as King Shelter explain on their new single, it’s immensely important that we do not lose ourselves or our values for the sake of a momentary good time.

Today we are thrilled to share the world premiere of King Shelter’s latest single, “Preoccupy.” The song, as teased above, posits questions about nightlife culture (specifically that of those living in Los Angeles) and why we allow it to exist as it does today. That may sound like rather heavy subject matter for what many would describe as a driving, alternative rock song, but the band finds a way to convey their message without coming across as if they are trying to force change upon the listener. Like everything King Shelter does, “Preoccupy” is a far more creative effort, offering just enough insight and questions to leave one with thoughts that go beyond a simplistic decision of whether or not they liked the music. Take a listen for yourself:

Speaking on the group’s songwriting process, vocalist and guitarist Taylor Hecocks explains:

“We’re very normal human beings just trying to make music for other normal human beings. The goal of the band is not necessarily to make the best song in the world, but to make songs that will make people think about something or open their eyes to something new. Culture’s more important than a Top 40 hit, you know?”

We expect big things from King Shelter in the future. In the meantime, if you live on the West Coast you will soon have a chance to see the band live. Here is a complete list of their upcoming shows:

August 1: Funhouse in Seattle, WA – TICKETS
August 2: Lola’s Room in Portland, OR – TICKETS
August 4: DNA Lounge in San Francisco, CA
August 5: The Constellation Room in Santa Ana, CA – TICKETS
August 6: Valley Bar in Phoenix, AZ – TICKETS