Kid Runner release video for “Give Me Something To Love”

Kid Runner
Alex Broadstock

A few weeks ago we covered Kid Runner‘s entry into summer jams of 2016, “Give Me Something To Love.” We’re still big fans of the song, and the Columbus-based group recently gave the track the music video treatment.

The footage finds band members Drew Lizon and Fran Litterski dancing through the city at night. In addition to some great camera work and cool architecture, the video includes some really well done animation that pops in and out throughout the duration of the song. It’s a neat visual that provides flair to the video, and animator Marco Cardenas did a fantastic job in creating the effect.

The video release is part of the band’s lead-up to the release of their EP, Body Language, on which “Give Me Something To Love” is the opening track. You can snag the rest of the EP when it drops on August 12.