Head North share folky new song, announce upcoming album

Head North

Today, after several long months of relative silence, Head North is back.

The band has uploaded a music video to their YouTube page for a new song titled “God (Bring It Back),” changed their Twitter display name to “TLLMA,” and announced that their new record, The Last Living Man Alive Ever In The History Of The World, is coming this summer.

To say that the new track is a huge departure for the band is an understatement. Immediately reminiscent of folky, ’90s indie rock stylings of bands like Pavement, the only connection here to previously released music is the distinct tone of vocalist Brent Martone’s gravelly voice. It’s unclear whether this new song is a new chapter for the Head North we’ve come to know and love or something else entirely—perhaps a new band, a changing of the name to “The Last Living Man Alive” as their Twitter display name might suggest, or something completely unrelated—but regardless, this direction works. The song is short, catchy, and demands repeat listens.

After putting out one of the best EPs of the year with Bloodlines, dropping a split with Microwave in the fall, and touring extensively with the likes of Knuckle Puck, Sorority Noise, and A Will Away throughout 2015, the band blacked out their social media accounts and seemingly fell off the face of the Earth. A show here and there and a strange surprise cover released on the band’s Bandcamp page punctuated what seemed to be an extended hiatus. While it seems there are some signs of life on the horizon, it’s unclear how this new chapter will manifest itself.

We’ll keep you updated if anything in the Head North camp develops.