The story continues in Glass Animals’ video for “Youth”

Glass Animals

At the beginning of June, we detailed Glass Animals‘ video for “Life Itself,” in which several people seem to be either after or protecting a little boy. Today the band released the second track and video off the upcoming album, How To Be a Human Being, and the video begins right where the first one ended.

The video starts with the boy wandering down the road as seen in the last shot of “Life Itself” before cutting back to the waitress character. If she’s not the boy’s mother, she at least appears to be the mother figure to him, and she’s clearly distraught over his disappearance. Much like the first video, there are many cuts between locations that make it difficult to pin down any sort of clarity on the events taking place or the timeline thereof, leaving much of the specifics to the imagination of the viewer. The song itself features a groovy hook and some impressively intricate percussion. It’s another solid entry that has us eagerly anticipating the release of How To Be A Human Being.

See if you can decipher the video below. How To Be A Human Being will be released on August 26 through Harvest Records. All formats of the album can be pre-ordered through the band’s website.