Frances shines on breathtaking new single, “Say It Again”


London-based artist Frances might not be on your radar as of this very moment, but she will be by the time you’re done reading this article. The singer recently released her newest single, “Say It Again,” and it is one of the most moving love songs to come out in quite a while.

The song is all about the thrill and emotion of saying “I love you” and getting to hear it back, and Frances’ voice perfectly conducts that feeling into a song. “I know you’ve said it but say it again; I wanna know that you mean it this time,” she implores on the chorus. As I am a complete sucker for well-done lyric videos, I also have to mention the video for “Say It Again,” which finds the lyrics being written out in cursive over an ever-changing background of predominately purple hues.

You can listen to “Say It Again” below. The single is currently available on iTunes and streaming on Spotify.