Field Mouse release new song, “The Order Of Things”

Field Mouse
Shervin Lainez

If you haven’t already found a reason to get excited about something today, let us provide you with one: Field Mouse have a new album, Episodic, coming out on August 5. Isn’t it cool to be excited now? Even more exciting than that, the band released a track off the album, entitled “The Order Of Things” (via The Le Sigh). And true to how many times we just used several variations of “exciting” to describe it, the song is a blast.

The tune moves at a quick pace, packing a ton into just two and a half minutes. While the instrumentation is upbeat—particularly the guitar that bounces along—the lyrical content is deceptively heavy. The entire song finds vocalist Rachel Browne pondering her place in “The Order Of Things.” The combination of the above elements creates a summer pop song that is both incredibly fun and deeply thoughtful.

After checking out the stream of “The Order Of Things,” you can pre-order Episodic now. The album is being released through Topshelf Records.