Daughter release fast-paced video for single “No Care”


Daughter‘s most recent album, Not To Disappear, is one of our favorite albums of 2016 so far. Today, the British group gave us some visuals for the album by releasing a music video for track “No Care,” directed by James Slater.

The video switches between black and white and an eerie red filter and finds vocalist Elena Tonra dancing in a narrow, deserted hallway. This is intercut with grainy footage of the band playing in an empty hotel room. Much like the song itself, the video barrels along at breakneck speed. The whole experience is intense and striking, much like the excellent album that the song comes from.

If you happen to be reading this from Chicago and are currently attending Lollapalooza, you can check out Daughter live at the Lakeshore Stage at 5:30pm tonight. For the rest of us, you can watch the video for “No Care” over on Vevo. [Warning for those subject to photosensitive seizures: the video contains strobe effects]

We interviewed Daughter back in April, and you can read that interview right here.