Chris Farren’s upcoming solo record may be your album of the year

Chris Farren

It’s a glorious day in the world of music, and we all have the fine folks at SideOneDummy to thank. Having already graced us with killer records from the likes of PUP, Astronautalis, and others, the California-based label has just announced plans to release the long-awaited debut solo album from music renaissance man Chris Farren. Yes, the same man behind Antarctigo Vespucci and your teenage fantasies is finally releasing an album all his own, and earlier today we got a taste of what is to come with the premiere of the record’s lead single, “Say U Want Me.”

It’s honestly hard to know where to begin with this one because every time I try to write my body is overcome with a feeling of excitement that makes my fingers shake more and more with each passing keystroke. “Say U Want Me” is the kind of unassuming pop rock jam that has been a signature of Farren’s songwriting since he first burst onto the music scene. The track’s official video is equally offbeat and fun, with Farren performing in a number of scenes that most videos would never explore. One moment he’s singing in his kitchen while smoke billows from his toaster, and the next he’s walking down an alley with a wide variety of unique people passing him by. As with his role in music, Farren appears to be in a place in this fictional world all his own. He’s aware of what is around him, but he doesn’t let it interfere with his positive vibes. Check it out:

Pretty great, right? Don’t be afraid to hit replay and watch it one or two more times before finishing the article.

Farren’s debut album, Can’t Die, arrives September 2. If you need to show your support right now, and I imagine you do, then head over to the SideOneDummy store and claim your pre-order bundle today.