Beach House release trippy ’80s video for “The Traveller”

Beach House The Traveller

While we’re certainly glad that graphics capabilities and CGI have advanced as much as they have, there’s still a special place in our collective heart for some of the work that was done in the area decades ago. Sure, Tron doesn’t look stunning now, but that look still carries a very cool vibe with it. It’s that vibe that Baltimore duo Beach House capture in their new music video for “The Traveller.”

Set against a black void, the footage follows a woman dressed in red. That ’80s vibe we were talking about is in full effect, as colors bleed and images tear throughout. At several points in the video the colorful blobs are full of scan lines like you might find on an old television set. The video certainly nails the retro vibe, and is a perfect fit for the floating serenity of the song itself.

“The Traveller” is off of Beach House’s October 2015 album Thank Your Lucky Stars, released through Sub Pop Records. Watch the video for “The Traveller” below, and grab the album through Sub Pop.