PHOTOS: 5 Seconds Of Summer are mindblowing in Mansfield, MA

Having rubbed shoulders with the likes of State Champs and All Time Low, there’s a chance you’ve heard of 5 Seconds Of Summer. The Aussie exports have been putting out their infectious pop rock for a few years now, with no signs of slowing down. Now in 2016, they’re out on their aptly named ‘Sounds Live Feels Live’ tour to circulate their 2015 album release Sounds Good Feels Good—featuring songs co-written by Joel & Benji Madden of Good Charlotte and Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low.

Finding themselves in Mansfield’s xFinity Centre, the four-piece are joined by openers Hey Violet, a mostly female outfit from Los Angeles, California who offer a colourful intro to the night’s proceedings. The music they offer is energetic pop rock and they’re the perfect support for 5 Seconds Of Summer.¬†Following them is One Ok Rock, a Japanese quartet that have been standing for 11 years. They’re a huge energy to grace the stage, sharing heavier riffs with softer vocal melodies, and somehow they mix perfectly.

Eventually the moment arrives when the lights dim and 5 Seconds Of Summer take the stage. Since touring on a supporting slot to One Direction, they have shot to immense popularity with top 10 singles abound, even gracing the pages of some of the biggest music magazines in the world. Having moved on from the small, dingy club shows in their hometown, the quartet are now filling arenas and it’s all happened in just a couple of short years.

Their stage setup is something to marvel over, with an abundance of lighting to power a neighbourhood. For the set there are 20 songs—a mix of mostly new but some well-loved older favourites, too. “Vapor” is welcomed by almost every member of the crowd, their arms outstretched with orange hearts in their hands. It’s pretty looking out across it all and it’s a nice moment to be shared between the band and the fans. The crowd sings the loudest for the popular tracks and it’s no surprise; “She Looks So Perfect” is a crowd-pleaser and something that everyone knows. 5 Seconds Of Summer aren’t quite at the level of the bands they seek to be like in terms of their stage presence and interaction, only really asking for each side to cheer here and there, but they have come incredibly far. They’re fun and their feel-good tracks get everyone on their feet, even the dads who have brought their daughters along for the show. ¬†

Here is our exclusive gallery by Substream photographer Kelly Hamilton from the show: