Young The Giant get digital in “Titus Was Born” video

Young The Giant

It’s a safe bet that when we get news of a new Young The Giant single, we’re in a for a good piece of music. The band proved this assumption correct with the release of their latest single, “Titus Was Born,” and to top it all off we got a super-stylized, super-cool video to go with it.

The song starts simply, with Sameer Gadhia’s voice floating softly over a subdued acoustic guitar. Throughout the track there is a steady buildup of the instrumentation, with synthesizers, keyboard, and drums all being layered on, culminating in a thrilling and impressively mixed and layered peak.

The video is also something to behold, focusing on a digitized version of Gadhia’s face as he sings. This is intercut with shots of a digitized landscape of sorts that constantly shifts in layout and color. It’s a simple concept, but the end result is fascinatingly beautiful to watch.

Watch the video for yourself below. “Titus Was Born” is off Young The Giant’s upcoming album Home of The Strange, which drops on August 12 through Fueled By Ramen. You can pre-order the album through iTunes or the band’s webstore.