Full ‘Yoga Hosers’ trailer is absolutely bonkers

Yoga Hosers Trailer

More than twenty years have passed since filmmaker Kevin Smith burst onto the international stage with Clerks. In that time, the New Jersey native has used his gift for storytelling to share tales of love, religion, shopping malls, convenience stores, cults, and men who like to turn people into animals. Some believe Smith’s creativity jumped the shark somewhere around the time he bought Red State from himself at Sundance in January 2011, but none of those haters are currently on the Substream payroll. We love Kevin Smith, and we’re willing to follow him wherever he wants to lead us, including into the depths of Canada.

For his latest film, Yoga Hosers, Smith has recruited his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, and actress Lily Rose Depp (daughter of actor Johnny Depp) to play a pair of Canadian teens who spend the majority of their time outside school working at their father’s convenience store. After the girls are invited to a party thrown by the most popular senior at their school they inadvertently stumble upon an ancient evil existing below the store where they work. Faced with the choice of ignoring the discovery or fighting to save the world, the girls join forces with world famous man-hunter Guy LaPointe (Johnny Depp) and set to defeating an army of knee-high monsters known as bratzis.

As you might have guessed, a bratzi is a tiny villain made out of bratwurst that was created by a former Nazi scientist. Smith himself portrays the odd little creatures, which are of course filled with sauerkraut, though it’s hard to identify him under the prosthetics he wears for the part.

Yoga Hosers is the second film in what Smith has dubbed the ‘True North Trilogy,’ which began with 2014’s Tusk. The third film, Moose Jaws, will likely arrive sometime in the next two years.

You can view the full trailer for Yoga Hosers below. Smith is currently touring the film around the country ahead of its official release on July 29. Comment and let us know your thoughts on this truly bizarre film.