Turncoat (FFO Backtrack, Comeback Kid) release debut EP with hardcore prowess

turncoat ep

Loud, fast and hard; hardcore pretty much take these words to heart when describing any band, and Michigan group Turncoat have just dropped a release that does the genre justice similar to their influences: their debut, self-titled EP,  via Eulogy Recordings.

The EP holds heavy guitar tones similar to Backtrack’s Darker Half with vocals circling Turnstile’s Nonstop Feeling. The intro track, “Own Up,” shows the band’s work ethic: “you gotta work hard if you want to succeed.” It took Turncoat a whole year from start to finish to get their EP done and out to the public. While some lyrics are a tad cheesy—even by hardcore’s standards (“you want to see what’s real / take a look at me”)—their single, “Growing Up,” shows they’re on the right track. With booming guitars and chuggy bass breaks, the EP holds hardcore tradition.

“The Friends You Need” is reminiscent of H2O’s “Nothing to Prove” with the lyrics “we are the youth / we are the reason that you sleep / we are the truth / we are the only friends you need,” representing their hopes to be less jock-oriented hardcore and more ’80s hardcore-influenced from rap to the sound of their counterparts like Turnstile and Expire. “Pushing Through” and “Blindfolded” make the EP finish on the drier side (apart from the breakdown in the latter), but as the band’s first EP, they’ve already made a name for themselves in the hardcore community by touring with Grim State this Spring. Give this release a couple listens and go out to a show; Turncoat might be on tour with your favorite bands by the time their full-length is released.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sv8QknNgw9M]