Brother/sister duo Truitt release music video for new track, “Throne”

Truitt Throne

As an only child, I can’t fully imagine how my life might have been different if I had a sibling. I think it’s safe to say that I wouldn’t be releasing catchy pop songs and cool music videos with them, though. But that’s just what Brett and Brigetta are doing, operating as a duo under their last name, Truitt. Recently, the two shared the music video for their latest effort, “Throne” (via Twist).

The video finds Brett, 22, and Brigetta, 17, singing under a variety of different lightings. The idea is relatively simple, but the execution creates a visually striking and interesting cinematic. The song itself is an upbeat anthem about self-love, with a hook that rivals anything in the Top 40 in terms of execution and catchiness.

On the subject matter of the song, Truitt explains, “In the past, we’ve felt the need to always be in a relationship, even if the person wasn’t right. This song is the turning point and finding happiness in being alone. We hope others feel the same sense of self-confidence we get when hearing the song!”

Check out the Rob Cros-directed video for “Throne” below. The single is streaming now on Spotify and available on iTunes.