First trailer for Rob Zombie’s ’31’ is brutal and bizarre

Rob Zombie's 31

We have recently come to the realization that there is an entire generation of young people who may believe Rob Zombie‘s primary career has always been crafting grotesque tales of horror and the macabre rather than creating envelope-pushing rock music. Those of us over the age of 21 will no doubt remember Zombie’s pioneering work in metal as what put the now 51-year-old artist on the map, but there is a new crop of young people deciding what is trendy that may not have even been born when Zombie’s debut solo record, Hellbilly Deluxe, hit stores in (gulp) 1998.

If that makes some of you feel old, just know you’re not alone in that feeling. We are right there with you, but at the same time, we’re also really excited for everything Rob Zombie is doing in film, and we think you soon will be too.

Today, after what feels like years of promotion and teaser photos, Rob Zombie has shared the first official trailer for his upcoming film, 31. The movie follows a group of unfortunate souls who are forced into a sadistic carnival game where they must survive twelve hours in a space filled with a wide variety of killers, Satan worshipers, evil clowns, and a number of additional things that would make your conservative parents very upset. The trailer sets up the story and characters, including the reveal of Zombie’s wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, as the film’s protagonist, but it maintains and air of mystery throughout. You can view the footage below:

Pretty gnarly, right? We didn’t think Zombie could ever top the absurd amount of violence found in The Devil’s Rejects, but this film may have a lock on the title.

31 is going to be released on VOD platforms on September 16 and in limited theaters on October 21 via Saban Films.

Rob Zombie's 31 Poster