The Strokes face a shadowy plot in “Threat of Joy” video

The Strokes Threat of Joy

Earlier this month The Strokes released Future Present Past, an EP that marked the band’s first music since 2013’s studio album, Comedown Machine. While only four songs long, the EP contains some great music. The band has returned to the realm of music videos with a highly unique set of visuals for “Threat of Joy” (via Noisey).

The video is difficult to pin into any particular genre, and it finds the band playing keep-away with a set of higher-ups in society (all of whom are wearing pig masks). The entire sequence is shot like an old-school thriller film with a grainy filter, a ton of espionage, SWAT teams, rollerblades, and some movie sets that definitely came from the past. Is it weird? Absolutely. Is it captivating in that weirdness? You know it.

Watch the video for “Threat of Joy” below. Future Present Past is out now on Cult Records, and is available here.