The Starting Line join Dashboard Confessional, others on the Taste Of Chaos tour in Philly

Taste Of Chaos at Festival Pier in Philadelphia may have had heat in the 90s, but that didn’t keep anybody from getting to the show early to see The Early November kick off the day. Early in the set, frontman Ace Enders made it known that this was the best show of the tour and the band did not disappoint. Song after song was screamed by all the people that got there early—younger new fans as well as all the old fans from the Drive-Thru era.

Next up was Saosin with hometown hero Anthony Green fronting the band, something that hasn’t happened in Philly in a long time. Like Enders, Green also made it quite clear that this was the best show on the tour so far. He seemed happy to be home. The raw energy and madness that Green displays during Saosin’s set almost makes it impossible to not keep your eyes on him at all times so that you don’t miss what might be coming next. Saosin was amazing from front to back, playing all the songs everyone wanted to hear, only to end the show playing “Seven Years” while Green crowd surfed from the stage all the way back through the crowd to the sound board.


Third on the already stacked bill, just for this specific date, was another hometown favorite, The Starting Line. Back in the early to mid 2000s you could probably see The Starting Line on tour two or three times a year in or around your city, but since 2008 at Bamboozle they’ve only done one or two shows every year around Christmas, so seeing them now just makes it that much more special. Starting the show with “A Goodnight’s Sleep” and ending with sing-along favorite “Best Of Me,” it was evident that a lot of people had been waiting a long time to see The Starting Line play in Philly again.

Next up was Taking Back Sunday. Opening up with everyone’s old school favorite song “Cute Without The E,” the place erupted in crowd surfing and screaming fans yelling every lyric at the top of their lungs. Charismatic frontman Adam Lazzara had the crowd in the palm of his hand the entire time while pulling off some pretty crazy mic swings that would often reach 20 to 40 feet in the air only to bring it back down and go right into the next verse like it was nothing. Ending the night with “MakeDamnSure,” Taking Back Sunday left everything out on the stage for their fans, showing just how much they love Philly.

Taking Back Sunday

Dashboard Confessional ended an amazing day full of music and a sold out Festival Pier of 8,000-plus people braving the heat to hear and relive all the music they loved back then and still love now. Chris Carrabba made mention of how much he loves playing Philly and how the city has always treated him great; it really came across from all the fans singing every word all night long. You really can’t end a show with a better song than “Hands Down.” Dashboard delivered and capped off an ideal night of fun and nostalgia.

Overall this is a tour you really don’t want to miss. It’s heading out to the Midwest now, so if it’s coming near you I’d suggest checking it out and having a fun night full of amazing music!