Stay 18 Forever: Brand New Teasing The End?

Brand New

Oh, Brand New. Just when it seems the world of alternative music is a little too predictable, you come along with a new marketing scheme that sets Twitter and random music forums ablaze with rumors of what may lie on the horizon. It has been seven years since you released an album, but the internet doesn’t care. The internet loves you, and you—we think—love the internet in return.

In the latest unpredictable move from upstate New York’s most beloved alternative rock band, a pair of t-shirts have been made available on the band’s digital store that appear to tease the end of the group. Yes, this is a story about t-shirts. Why? Because the internet fears a world where Jesse Lacey is not believed to be toiling over new material somewhere in rural New York. Here are the shirts in question:

Frontman Jesse Lacey teased the fact that the band would not last forever while on stage in Tennessee last October. That said, this could all be part a creative (and admittedly hilarious) troll on the internet. Brand New have always been a group that thrived on keeping fans in suspense, and so far it has helped them sell out 1000-plus capacity clubs despite only releasing a handful of singles since 2007.

We probably won’t know whether or not the band is joking until 2018 arrives, and even then the band may keep tight-lipped until the later months of the year, but in the meantime you can catch the group on tour throughout the US and Canada all summer long. You can also stream the group’s new single, “I Am A Nightmare,” below.

We’ll post more information about these breakup rumors as soon as additional details become available. In the meantime, comment below and let us know whether or not you believe the end is indeed near for the alt-rock legends.