Skott makes an excellent first impression with “Porcelain”

We’re all about delivering new music to our readers. Is there anything more exciting than discovering a new artist that you vibe with and playing their music over and over? We don’t think so. To that effect, we’re happy to share the debut single from artist Skott, entitled “Porcelain,” which comes to us through B3SCI Records and Chess Club Records (via Pigeons and Planes).

Skott grew up in a small town commune in the forest, inhabited by a good number of folk musicians. This obviously brought music into her life at an early age, but no music of the contemporary variety. It wasn’t until she visited a city in her teens that she heard anything more current. What could be definitely classified as an unusual upbringing has brought an amazingly solid debut single. “Porcelain” showcases Skott’s powerful voice and impressive range, along with a folksy and woodsy vibe in the music. The song builds beautifully throughout its four-minute runtime, and is worth a few repeat listens in order to unpack all the nuances present.

Talking to Pigeons and Planes about the meaning behind the song, Skott said, “The most precious things take time and care to build, but take only a fraction of that time to destroy or break. ‘Porcelain’ is about how you can spend limitless time creating something—trust, for example—but you can also let it fall to the ground in a second.”

With such a strong debut, we’re excited to listen to more of Skott in the future. You can stream “Porcelain” now. You can buy the single digitally through iTunes, or pre-order it in limited edition 7-inch vinyl format here. The vinyl edition has a release date of July 29.