Relive some pure ’80s magic in Shura’s “What’s It Gonna Be?” video

All of us remember our high school crush. The puppy love of high school kids is not only prevalent in real life, it also provided us with some of the best and most iconic ’80s movies ever. It’s from this well of inspiration that British artist Shura brings us her newest video, “What’s It Gonna Be?”

The single itself is a light and bouncy electro-pop jam about navigating that nebulous realm of liking someone you’re not sure likes you back. The song is sure to make you want to bust our your best dance moves, but you should wait and treat yourself to the video first.

Directed by Chloe Wallace, the accompanying visuals are a love letter to romantic comedies of the 1980s—the timeless, endlessly quotable kind pioneered by John Hughes (Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club). We follow Shura’s character and her brother (played by Shura’s real life brother, Nick) as they concoct a plot to grab the attention of their respective crushes. The end result is a heartwarming depiction of young LGBT relationships.

You can check out the video for “What’s It Gonna Be?” below. Shura’s debut album, Nothing’s Real, is due out on July 8 through Polydor Records. Pre-orders for the album are currently ongoing.