Seraphim continue their rise with “Gravity Slave” video

Seraphim 2016

Being that we exist to promote the music industry, it’s rare that more than a week goes by without someone or several people asking us what it takes to quote/unquote ‘make it’ in entertainment today. Unfortunately, there is no one answer, so our response is usually something along the lines of telling others to be true to themselves and do what feels right for them. That may seem a bit basic, or perhaps even dismissive, but in our experience it’s finding a way to be utterly unique that makes any new artist stick. Those needing an example of such efforts in action need look no further than fast-rising rock band Seraphim, a group who has taken their Northern Michigan-born style of hard rock and begun a trek towards global domination that shows no signs of slowing anytime soon.

This week, Seraphim released their video for the song “Gravity Slave,” which is the second track from their self-released Tabula Rasa EP to receive a visual treatment. The video, which was shot back in May, finds the group using an abandoned building in Grand Rapids, Michigan as a makeshift prison. The members of Seraphim appear as prisoners alongside several fans in costume, and they use their music to incite a revolt against the controlling guards who run the facility. It’s an incredibly well-shot video and it’s one-hundred percent the product of the group’s collective imagination. You can view the Ned Ingalls-directed clip below:

Seraphim may be the latest band to set the rock blogosphere aflame, but this video and the vast majority of their career up to this point and all the success they have already found stems from their DIY efforts to establish themselves in an overcrowded genre. The band not only writes all their own music, but they also play an active role in the production of each recording, as well as run their PR and marketing efforts. Even without the recent wave of promotion given to them from blogs, Seraphim would be a group on the radar of the entire heavy music world, and with quality content like what we see in “Gravity Slave” it seems obvious to us that the group will continue to find success in the future.

If you haven’t picked up Tabula Rasa just yet, head over to Bandcamp and grab a copy today.