Relient K celebrate Ohio with “Mrs. Hippopotamuses'”

Relient K Air For Free

The Substream contributing writer pool is filled with brilliant, creative minds spread across the globe, but our headquarters are located in the so-called “Heart Of It All,” which many of you know as Ohio. Yes, we are a Midwest company, and if we have it our way we will all be buried here someday. The Midwest is our home, and all too often we see people mocking the place we love as somehow being below cities and communities that lie on the coasts. Thankfully, Relient K have delivered a new song that may help people realize what a wonderful place this is, and we cannot wait to share the track with you.

“Mrs. Hippopotamuses'” is the latest song to surface off Relient K’s highly-anticipated new album, Air For Free. As teased above, the song is a celebration of the great state of Ohio. It’s also a reflection on life and growing up, which can be summarized in that old adage about “traveling the world to realize home is exactly where you started,” told quite poetically through the perspective of singer/songwriter Matt Thiessen. There are gang vocals, too. You can stream the song below:

Air For Free will be the first album fans receive from Relient K since the 2013 release of Collapsible Lung. Based on the material we have heard so far, this album feels lighter and a bit more fun, but still ripe with the themes of soul-searching, romance, and adventure that have always been cornerstones of the band’s sound. We hope that proves to be true for the full record, but to be completely honest we haven’t had a chance to hear it just yet. Like you, we are anxiously awaiting the album’s July release, and we hope to have a proper review out before or shortly after the record arrives in stores. Stay tuned.