Prophets Of Rage enter the studio

Prophets Of Rage

Less than a month after announcing their formation, the supergroup known as Prophets Of Rage—featuring members of Rage Against The Machine, Cypress Hill, and Public Enemy—have announced they are entering the studio to record their first original material.

According to a story that ran on Billboard earlier this week, Prophets Of Rage are working on recording their first single, “Party’s Over,” for release in the near future. Guitarist Tom Morello told Billboard the band hopes to have the song completed and released before the group’s July 19 performance in Cleveland, which is set to coincide with the Republican National Convention (also taking place in Cleveland).

Until now, Prophets Of Rage have been promoting themselves off the hype of the members’ other acts, but Morello is hoping the group can begin to stand on their own with the release of “Party’s Over.” He told Billboard, “The goal is a simple one: The music has to be devastating,” Morello explains. “In all these interviews we talk a lot about the politics, but the cornerstone is that the music has to be devastating and we have to not just be competitive with our legacies, but in 2016, it has to be something that goes beyond that and is very authentic, unapologetic and contemporary.”

With the band already in the studio and their show in Cleveland just over a month away it’s impossible to know just when we can hear “Party’s Over” for ourselves. Our guess would be sometime around the beginning of July, but that really depends on how fast the various members can record their parts and the group can settle on a finished cut that meets their assuredly high standards for quality.

If you’re like us, you’re already chomping at the bit for a taste of Prophets’ own material, which is why we’ve included a fan-shot video of the group performing “Party’s Over” at a recent show below. Enjoy: