PREMIERE: Typesetter’s “Slipper” is a five-minute exercise in impassioned rock

typesetter premiere

Chicago’s self-proclaimed “brewgaze” four-piece Typesetter are three weeks out from releasing a four-track split EP with New York band Living Room, and today we have the pleasure of premiering one of Typesetter’s two cuts from their half of the release. “Slipper” should easily appeal to the Run For Cover crowd—those who like Turnover, Citizen, Seahaven—just as much as it will to fans of acts like Tidal Arms, which is fitting considering the fact that Typesetter recently released an EP (and hot sauce?) through Black Numbers. This is all to say that the band’s newest single is really good. You can discover that for yourself below.

Speaking to Substream about the impetus for this particular track, vocalist/guitarist Marc Bannes says:

“I was listening to a lot of The National when I wrote ‘Slipper.’ I was inspired by their minimal riffs and use of dynamics so it kind of became this long, dynamic song while all of the guitar parts are similar. The ending is one of my favorite things to play live.”

Typesetter’s split release with Living Room can be pre-ordered through Jetsam-Flotsam ahead of its official release on July 8.