PREMIERE: Watch The Temper Trap perform for Melbourne in “So Much Sky” live video

the temper trap premiere

Australian rock band The Temper Trap just released their third full-length studio album, Thick As Thieves, on June 10 through Glassnote Records. In continued support of the effort, we’ve teamed with the four-piece to premiere their newest live video for “So Much Sky,” the second track on the album. Filmed at The Forum in Melbourne, the video is offered in a beautiful black and white with stunning production quality in both the sound and visuals.

You can view the “So Much Sky” video below where you’ll also find a quick Q&A with The Temper Trap’s bassist, Jonathon Aherne.

Substream: Today we’re premiering your new live video for “So Much Sky.” It looks as though this is taken from the same performance as your recent live video for “Burn.” Can you tell us a little about where this was shot and why that was the show you decided to film?
Jonathon Aherne: We filmed and played this in Melbourne, which is where it all began for us. This was our second show back in a beautiful venue called The Forum.

The production is really fantastic—it looks and sounds great. Who’s the team who put this together?
Production team: We were contacted by the excellent people at Liberation Music to take on the challenge of filming this iconic band in what’s arguably a monumental return to the stage. We’ve always been fans of the band and having witnessed them live several times in the past, their stage presence and ability to captivate an audience is something we were thrilled to help capture.

Do you feel any extra pressure on stage in instances like this, knowing you’re being filmed for these videos?
JA: Sort of. When we have the control of how we put it out it’s not so bad. TV can be tricky, though; we’re about to play Conan—that’s a whole other thing and the pressure is high.

As far as the song itself, “So Much Sky,” it has a very anthemic, optimistic feel to it. What’s it all about for you?
JA: “So Much Sky” was inspired by a trip we did to Tanzania. We got to spend time with a Masai tribe, and help provide a water tank for them. Amazing people.

When you’ve got an album like this that’s just shy of an hour, with 14 tracks, how difficult is it for you to choose which singles to lead with? Were these choices obvious ones or was there a lot of debate involved?
JA: We have been writing this record for a long time now; it’s very tricky to file it down. I have many favorites that didn’t make the record, but that’s how it goes.

You guys are scheduled to be on the road nearly non-stop for the next five months at least. What are some touring survival techniques you’ve picked up over the years for stints like this? How do you see it through?
JA: Most important for me: I always do an “idiot check” when I leave the hotel, dressing room, wherever. Even if you think you have everything, it doesn’t matter, just have one more look!

And after all this, do you get a break? What’s next for The Temper Trap?
JA: Solid touring for the next few years, I’d say, and lots more to come!

‘Thick As Thieves’ is out now. Digital and physical copies can be purchased here.