PREMIERE: SYKES will win you over with “Younger Mind”

SYKES 2016

Today is the first day of Vans Warped Tour 2016, and we are fairly certain if you plan to attend the world’s largest traveling music festival this summer then you already know who you hope to see. We can appreciate your desire to watch your favorite bands, but if you have the time for something new and different we cannot recommend enough that you make room in your Warped schedule to experience up-and-coming UK pop-rock act SYKES for yourself.

It’s hard to find the words to accurately describe how we felt when we first saw SYKES perform at the Catalyst Publicity Group’s unofficial SXSW party earlier this year, but the phrase “good vibrations” is among the first that spring to mind. Listening to SYKES is like eating a platter of your favorite candy without feeling the repercussions of gorging yourself on sweets, which is another way of saying that their music will fill you with so much joy and energy that you will feel empowered to conquer the world. Those needing proof of this fact need look no further than the group’s latest single, “Younger Mind,” which we are extremely proud to be premiering right here on Substream today. Check it out:

When asked about the song via email, SYKES told us:

“’Younger Mind’ is the title track and first single from our new EP out July 15! We are so excited to get the single out just in time for the start of Warped Tour and can’t wait for everyone to hear it live!”

We have been in love with SYKES since their music first met our ears, and we have a feeling many of you will feel the same after experiencing the band’s Younger Mind EP in full next month. Until then, stream the song above on repeat and tell all your friends to do the same. A band like SYKES is only able to realize their full potential if music fans like you get behind their work and bring it to the attention of everyone you know, so we’re trusting you to help us make this band huge. Don’t let us down.