PREMIERE: The Linden Method share “When I’m Dead” video

The Linden Method

There is something about pop-punk created in the midwest that simply isn’t found in music created by bands who live in coastal cities. Call it grit, passion, or maybe just an unabashed sense of sincerity that stems from the sense they have nothing to lose by wearing their heart on their sleeve, but midwest pop-punk is a beast all its own. Don’t believe us? No worries, we’ve got proof.

The members of The Linden Method have been making a mark in the world of pop-punk since their formation in 2009, but the group is poised to take their presence to a whole new level when their new full-length, Good Enough, arrives in stores this Summer. We’ve partnered with the band to premiere the video for the record’s first single, “When I’m Dead,” and we have a feeling the track will convert any non-believers to the band’s unique take on punk in no time at all. You can view the video at the end of this post.

When asked about the story behind the video for “When I’m Dead,” vocalist and guitarist Alex Wright told us:

“We wanted to make a video that just showed exactly what it’s like for us to play a show here in Chicago.”

Through a compilation of live footage and performance sequences, “When I’m Dead” showcases the unbridled energy the band puts into everything they do. When we first previewed the video late last week our staff couldn’t resist pushing their chairs back from their desks, standing tall, and simultaneously breaking out a few dance moves most often reserved for basement shows and dingy club gigs. For a few brief moments, the Substream office was essentially Warped Tour with desks, and we are thrilled to share that same material with you today.

We’re expecting a lot of big things from The Linden Method in the months ahead. If you like what you hear, head over to Facebook and give the band a ‘Like’ so you can stay updated on their latest album plans and tour information.