PREMIERE: Empty Houses perform “Better Of Me” for Real Feels TV

Empty Houses Daydream 2016

WARNING: This post is one of, if not the very last opportunity to climb aboard the Empty Houses bandwagon before the band crosses over into the mainstream. If you want those oh so sweet bragging rights that come from being ahead of the pop music curve, this is the time to stake your claim and support this incredibly awesome band.

Empty Houses just released their debut album, Daydream, earlier this month through Sargent House Records, but anyone familiar with the band has no doubt been hyping their intoxicating blend of throwback pop and modern indie sensibilities since the group’s first EP surfaced online in mid-2015. The band’s approach to songwriting has ushered in a renewed interest in a style of music that was first made popular when Motown was topping the charts and people still understood the fun that could be had at a Sadie Hawkins dance. We’ve been obsessed with the group for months now, but it wasn’t until the last week that we were able to partner with them to share something truly amazing.

Today we are thrilled to present the world premiere of a video that finds Empty Houses performing their Daydream cut “Better Of Me” for Real Feels TV. The clip, which was filmed in Michigan in recent weeks, perfectly captures the group’s fun and unique take on a very familiar style of music, as well as the awesome vocal talents of frontwoman Ali Shea. You can view the video below:

When we reviewed Empty Houses’ debut album earlier this month, we praised the band’s ability to make something old feel new once again, writing:

“The title Daydream refers to the ability we all have to find an escape from the woes of any given day, regardless of where we may find ourselves at the time. In a way, that is exactly what Empty Houses are providing a soundtrack for on their debut release. The songs found on Daydream play like the accompaniment to life-defining moments many of us have not yet lived. Whether it be the profound romance of “Lost At Sea,” which channels a bit of Bobby Darren with a dash of modern charm, or the sultry confidence of “Rope,” each song on Daydream feels like a simple pop epic unto itself. There is an intoxicating charm to every song that makes it very easy to get lost in each verse and reborn with each chorus. You might not live a life that reflects the experiences shared on the album, but you yearn to hear more and more with each note that plays, and that desire keeps you coming back again and again.”

Daydream is available now wherever music is sold. If you are itching to see the band live, head here for a complete list of upcoming performances.