PREMIERE: Watch The CMDWN become your new favorite band with “Empty Room”


There is no high in the world quite like the high that rushes throughout your body when you hear great new music from an artist or group you’ve never previously been exposed to. That experience, and others like it, are what makes music the best (not to mention safest) drug on Earth. For a few moments, music can transport you to a place you’ve never been using sounds you’ve never heard and all you want to do when it ends is relive it all over again, which is easily possible because endless replay functionality is now standard with most music players.

With this in mind, allow us to use this post to introduce you to The CMDWN, a Utah-born band that may soon be known as your new addiction. The CMDWN are one of those groups that defy easy genre classification. Their music falls somewhere between the worlds of alternative and ambient rock, with subtle hints of R&B thrown in for good measure. The band’s latest single, “Empty Room,” combines all of these elements to create a truly unique track that is highly addictive and incredibly infectious. Here’s what member Andy Hale has to say about the track:

“[Empty Room] is about the fear and self-consciousness that we all face at one point or another, but in a positive way. It’s about that moment that you realize you control your emotions and who you want to be, facing those dark feelings and knowing that they don’t own you.”

We are beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to not only premiere “Empty Room” today, but to also share the song’s official video. Check it out:

“Empty Room” is just one of the songs that will be appearing on The CMDWN’s upcoming EP, which we’re told will be released later this year. We expect big things from this group, so make sure you follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter to keep updated on everything they announce from here on out.