Peter Bjorn and John return with “Breakin’ Point” video

Peter Bjorn And John Breakin Point

It’s a good time to be a Peter Bjorn and John fan. Last week, the Swedish group put out their first album in five years, Breakin’ Point. If that wasn’t enough, the trio released a video for the titular track on the album, and it’s one of the most amazingly bizarre videos we’ve seen all year.

We find our protagonist wandering around some very pretty and idyllic environments, but he’s not alone. Throughout the video, he’s being followed around by a big, shaggy creature of some sort. While the majority of the video isn’t bleak per se, it ends on a warmly uplifting note sure to put a smile on your face.

After watching the video below (via Noisey), be sure to check out all of Breakin’ Point, released June 10 through INGRID. You can buy the album on iTunes.