PREMIERE: Orbs share hauntingly beautiful new song “Giving Tree Hanging Me”


There are books and people who will tell you the hardest part of living is finding someone to love you, but I would argue that finding someone who loves you is far easier than learning to love yourself, and based on the song we’re premiering today I think it’s safe to say the members of Orbs would agree.

On second thought, I might be oversimplifying the story that Orbs tell on “Giving Tree Hanging Me.” The track, which is taken from the band’s upcoming album Past Life Regression (out July 15), specifically tells of an individual’s guilt regarding recent actions they’ve taken and how that feeling permeates every aspect of their lives. It’s a beautifully haunting ode to regret and the way wallowing in our past mistakes can leave us feeling worthless and isolated from the rest of the world. Maybe it’s all in our heads, but it never feels that way when you’re experiencing it, and Orbs understand this sensation better than most. Take a listen now:

We asked the members of Orbs to tell us their thoughts on the song, and the insight they shared made us fall for “Giving Tree Hanging Me” even more. In regards to writing the track, Adam Fisher says he “wanted to convey the guilt we carry when we affect someone with our selfish actions by telling a story that projects that life long journey bearing the weight of that guilt in a physical way. The main character can’t forgive himself and though he keeps traveling he can’t seem to move on.”

Speaking to the creation of the song from a production standpoint, Dan Briggs explains, “Musically the song was based around a piano and keyboard arrangement and was kept subtle and morose throughout. The big blowout at the end of the song does feel like a funeral dirge, with the character accepting his place in the forest as his final resting place.”

If you love “Giving Tree Hanging Me” we urge you to pre-order the new album from Orbs as soon as you are able.