Attend a drag party in of Montreal’s video for “It’s Different for Girls”

Of Montreal 2016

2016 has been a year filed with incredible women taking a stand not only for their rights as people, but also to declare their strength. Social media has been a hub of sorts for this movement, with Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook offering a communal gathering place for women from all corners of the globe to share their stories and experience with the world at large. Still, despite constant stories of wrongdoing on the part of men, as well as tales of survival in spite of horrendous events from women, many still don’t understand what it is that is happening or what needs to be changed to make this place better for everyone. I’m not here to tell you that of Montreal has the answer, but they are tuned in to what is going on, and their latest song makes a dance floor-ready attempt at conveying the struggles of women to anyone still in the dark.

“It’s Different for Girls” was unleashed onto an unsuspecting planet Earth earlier today along with its official music video. The song, which is taken from of Montreal’s upcoming studio album, Innocence Reaches, has a throwback feel that brings to mind an era when television shows about dance parties was a thing that existed and not just something your parents fondly remember whenever the local pop station has an ’80s lunch hour. The video is equally nostalgic, with frontman Kevin Barnes donning drag along with the rest of the band for an all-out celebration of life that appears entirely free from restraint. Women, men, people in drag, and many more unique souls make an appearance. Check it out:

We don’t want to oversimplify the message of “It’s Different for Girls,” but if you needed a CliffsNotes version we would summarize the latest of Montreal offering as a reminder to love yourself for who you are and love others for the person they are instead of who you believe they should be. If we can all do that the world will be a much better and far safer place.

Innocence Reaches arrives in stores through Polyvinyl on August 12.