The first ‘Monster Trucks’ trailer is absolutely insane

Monster Trucks Trailer

When you see a studio announce a film titled Monster Trucks it’s a little hard to know what they have in store for audiences. Are we going to see the first major studio film about the world of monster truck racing? Are we getting a weird Transformers knock-off? Are the trucks involved literally monsters? The answer, at least in this case, is no, no, and sort of.

Monster Trucks tells the story of Tripp (X-Men: Apocalypse star Lucas Till), a high school senior who builds a monster truck out of spare parts he gathers from scrapped cars. Something goes wrong at a nearby oil-drilling site and a strange, subterranean creature is unleashed upon the Earth. Instead of causing mass chaos and destruction, the beast decides to take shelter inside Tripp’s new truck, and through doing so gives the vehicle something akin to super-powered strength. Trouble soon follows, and Tripp finds himself on the run from men in black and others who wish to capture the mysterious creature. Tripp, of course, wants the animal to be free. Here’s a trailer:

If I didn’t have a trailer to include in this post I don’t know that anyone would believe this movie is real, but here we are, and yes, this film is indeed headed to theaters early next year. The fun and silly tone of the trailer makes this a clear contender for the first big family film of 2017, but whether or not audiences will buy a movie about monsters who live inside rusted trucks is another story altogether. The cast is impressive, however, with Jane Levy, Holt McCallany, Thomas Lennon, and Danny Glover joining Till for the ride.

Monster Trucks will be released—or should I say unleashed—in January 2017. Comment below and let us know if you think this wacky film will be a hit or a flop.