MØ releases gorgeous video for “Final Song”

MO Final Song

Do you like beautiful landscape shots in your music videos? If you do, you’re going to love the music video for Danish star ‘s latest single, the MNEK-produced “Final Song.”

The landscape takes center stage, with absolutely breathtaking views of rocky expanses, scenic mountain ranges, and sun-drenched fields of wheat. The dance choreography also fits in perfectly with the song, which is an extraordinarily fun pop jam, with a truly incredible hook. The camera following MØ floating (yes, literally floating) over the terrain, is a testament to just how great music videos can look.

“I really wanted this video to tell the story of being reconnected with your inner strength—that spark within you that keeps you going,” MØ has said in a statement. “I wanted it to illustrate what the song means to me: from being fragile; to surrendering to the open space; to slowly regaining your power; before demanding the spirit-animal come back to you. It’s different from my previous videos — it’s a bit more spiritual and fragile — but I think it’s important to change sometimes, and especially when the song calls for a soul searching moment.”

You can watch the video for “Final Song” below. In addition, it’s worth taking a stroll through the comment section, as MØ did an informal Q&A with commenters.