LANY release catchy new single “yea, babe, no way”


LANY is on a pretty impressive roll as of late. The LA-based alt-pop trio just wrapped up their first headlining tour, which sold out, and are in the middle of a string of festival appearances. In the middle of all this touring, the band has found the time to drop a brand new single through Interscope Records, entitled “yea, babe, no way.”

The song is an upbeat jam, despite the subject matter of lead singer Paul Klien struggling with his feelings after the end of a relationship. “Everything was better when you would call and I’d be like ‘yea, babe,'” Klein croons on the hook, which is seriously infectious. If you’re looking for pop songs to consume your Summer, “yea, babe, no way” is the right song for you.

On the meaning behind the song, Klein said, “It’s about that exact back and forth emotion. Like, ‘Wow, I miss you and what we had was pretty amazing and actually how did this not work out and yeah this hurts a ton and sometimes kinda a lot of times I wanna call you and try again, but then I’m like no I can’t, I just can’t’… ya know? It’s that kind of feeling.”

You can stream “yea, babe, no way,” in its entirety below. The single is also available to buy on iTunes.