Metric bassist Joshua Winstead seeks a voice of his own on debut release ‘MMXX’

joshua winstead

Embarking on a solo endeavor from the critically acclaimed indie rock quartet Metric, bassist Joshua Winstead looks to create his own voice on his debut release MMXX.

A wide mix of genres and influences are present throughout the album’s 11-track duration. Soulful pop can be felt in the catchy opening track “One Heart,” while gospel and hearty brass can be felt towards the second half of MMXX in “Cold Battle.” Aside from some live drums, Winstead recorded all of the other instruments himself, making every note played serving a purpose. The album deals with matters of the heart, while also possessing political undertones, making each track personable and meaningful. No track is alike on MMXX, which does an excellent job of encompassing Winstead’s vast influences. Joshua Winstead wanted to create his own voice in MMXX, and he did just that.

This review was originally published in Substream #52.