Haley Bonar explores life after prom in jarring “Kismet Kill” video

Haley Bonar Kismet Kill

Prom is not only an event kids look forward to in real life, but also a staple in many a teen romance or comedy film. That being said, we very rarely see what happens after prom. It’s this subject that Haley Bonar explores in her stunning new video for “Kismet Kill” (via NPR).

The visuals, directed by Nicole Brending, depict a prom queen continuing through her life after that all-important high school night. Between caring for a baby, waiting tables, and a diabetes diagnosis, Bonar shows that life isn’t always as thrilling as we want it to be. It’s incredibly unique and moving, with just enough levity to prevent it from being off-putting.

You can watch the video for yourself below. “Kismet Kill” is off Bonar’s upcoming album, Impossible Dream, which is coming August 5 through Gndwire. Pre-orders for the album are currently available on iTunes.