Glass Animals get weird in the desert for “Life Itself” video

Glass Animals
Rozette Rago

If you haven’t listened to English four-piece Glass Animals‘ newest single “Life Itself,” do yourself a favor and do that right now. Here’s the link to the official audio. We’ll wait here…

Okay, great, you’re back. It’s a phenomenal song, right? It’s a funky, danceable indie jam with a fantastic beat, and it’s more than a little weird. Today the band released the video for “Life Itself” (via NOWNESS) and the visuals are just as wild as the song.

The music video is a tale of intrigue set in a dusty motel and diner you might find traveling through the deserts of the western United States. It seems that the woman checking into the motel and the woman working in the diner are teamed up with protecting the child in the video, but another couple is giving chase in hopes of capturing (or retrieving?) him. Directed by Neil Krug, the visuals use a combination of extreme closeups and swooping camera angles to give a bizarre, otherworldly quality to the proceedings.

Check out the video for “Life Itself” below and let us know what you think. The band is currently preparing for the release of their upcoming studio album, How to Be a Human Being.